euhmaimage-rich accoustic music which brings you a state of concentrated inner peace. In the encounter with euhma the present, the environment and peace stand in a breathless tension between sounds which make you aware of who you are – without a word.


In pieces like “Lovers First Touch”, “Angles Siesta” and “Drifting Moons”, the introspective music concept of the two gentlemen appear with unusual simplicity and ease.They often say that “euhma” means "being still with yourself".


Eugene Hye-Knudsenand Martin Åkerwall are the creators of euhma, well connected to the world of professional classical music.Hye-Knudsen is a solo cellist in Århus Symphony Orchestra and Åkerwall is active both as a pianist and conductor in Denmark and abroad.


As a composer, Åkerwall has worked over many years into a world of sound which,with Eugene's inspiring cello performance, releases the energy euhma music is renowned for.


Martin Åkerwall on euhmas music: ”The music is its own even if like us is rooted in classical music. euhma's universe is a hybrid. You will find that we are influenced by Bach, Arvo Pärt, and Hildegaard von Bingen as well as Keith Jarret and Brian Eno.


Hye-Knudsen and Åkerwall relish their collaboration. They are close friends with a common past at the Royal Theatre in Denmark. In this period their common interests and passions created the chemistry which became euhma.


The two musicians resist being pigeon holed. “Classical, New Age, modern…? We like to think of it as universal. We don't want our music to be for the specialists and we are pleased that our audience is very waried,” Hye-Knudsen says.  


They see euhma as a haven where unceremonious and free music is created - a place where traditional classicism and etiquette is stripped away.


When we play we are exploring stillness - we move in and out of it. You could say that we are balancing on the edge of space, nothingness and eternity” says Martin Åkerwall.


The musical universe of euhma is unusually raw, transparent and deliberating. It has been said about the music that "it leaves therapists out of work". Åkerwall explains that the music of euhma is like a mirror - whoever listens to it will hear resonance of them self in it.


Since 2005 euhma has managed to fill many of Denmark's larger churches with with their concerts. Their music has been played on radio at home and abroad. Their debut album was released in September 2007.



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